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Hand & Body Soap 500ml - Tabacco Assoluto

Hand & Body Soap 500ml - Tabacco Assoluto

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About The Fragrance
Strong, assertive and strong-willed.

Solid and well structured, Tabacco Assoluto pays a tribute to the luxuriant Italian countryside. The unmistakable aroma of cigars recounts the vigour of a personality that is charismatic, exuberant and scarcely inclined to compromise.
Tabacco Assoluto is an Aquae of great integrity and strong aromatic ingredients which add warmth to a citrusy base.

Classical bergamot takes on the assertive notes of incense, supported by a heart of tobacco and kashmir wood, which then give way to the vigour of musk and the aromatic notes of tonka bean.

Olfactory Notes
Olfactory  Family: Citrus
Facet: Aromatic
Olfactory Notes: Bergamot, Incense, Tobacco, Cashmere Wood, Musk, Tonka Beans

Culti Milano Hand & Body Soap

A soap with an extremely nourishing formula that cleanses the skin and leave a pleasant feeling of well-being. A firm yet welcoming fragrance, without compromise. Tabacco Assoluto soap gives your skin a powerful renewal.