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Suggestions For Best Use

Except where indicated in detail within the packaging of each product regarding safety guidelines and cautions for use, the following are indications for the best use. 

 Home Diffuser
Instructions / Suggestions for use

Ideal placement: open, airy places, (for example, near doors, windows, staircases, fan/ air vents), heat sources (for example, radiators).

- Turn the reeds every 7 - 14 days

- In room fragrance reed diffusers, it is natural for a small viscous mass to form, which may be seen floating inside the bottle. This phenomenon is sometimes caused by the gradual concentration of the various ingredients, which, over time, may occasionally separate and sediment on the bottom of the container.
This phenomenon does not compromise either the effectiveness or the safety of the product. In the case of the formation of sediment, before disposing of the empty bottle, we suggest filtering the sediment through kitchen paper and disposing of it separately with the urban solid waste.

When refilling, before pouring the new fragrance into the bottle, clean it with alcohol and always use a new set of reeds corresponding to the bottle's size.


- Place home diffusers only on flat surfaces far from fire.

- Turn the reeds far from delicate surfaces (furniture, fine flooring), over a sink.

- Keep out of reach from children & pets.

Scented Sachet (Home & Car Fragrances)


Instructions / Suggestions for use

- Ideal placement: small closed spaces (for example: drawers, purses, wardrobes, cars)


- Do not place the scented sachets on valuable and delicate surfaces.

- Keep out of reach from children & pets.