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Olfactory Families & Facets

The term 'olfactory family' indicates the classification of fragrances. 

This categorisation has been developed to provide a unique, descriptive and uniform language that could be shared by experts and perfumery lovers. 

A perfume is composed of different raw materials classified as olfactory facets with different properties: intensity and persistence. The main olfactory facet determines the family to which a perfume belongs, while the less intense facet contributes to define the originality of the fragrances. 

For example, a fragrance composed of woods and flowers: 

If the perception of the woods is predominant, the fragrance belongs to the woody family, with a floral facet, creating a scent with a very rich, comforting and refined character, softened by feminine notes that make head notes very delicate. On the contrary, if the sweetness of the flowers predominated over time, the fragrance belongs to the floral family with a woody facet, characterised by a Mediterranean structure, less persistent. 

Understand your personal preference by selecting which Olfactory Family you are fond of: